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Bears upon Soar Lisa Wills - Commercial Site
Artist - UK

language(s) : English

"Handcrafted, original, realistic bears by Lisa Wills. Range includes, Polar, Grizzly, Panda and Black bears all made with meticulous attention to detail using the finest quality materials."


Artist Bears by Karen Alderson Karen Alderson - Commercial Site
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Artist - Australia

language(s) : English

"Artist designed Minature and Small bears by Australian Bear Artist Karen Alderson"


Artist's Teddy Bears by Noreen Rozwadowski Noreen Rozwadowski - Commercial Site
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Artist - New-Zealand

language(s) : English

"Artist's teddy bears from New Zealand. Fully jointed in mohair and alpaca. Original designs and handcrafted waistcoats."


Susannes bärige Ideen Susanne Kuhlmann - Commercial Site
Artist - Germany

language(s) : German

"Lovely teddybears and accessories with teddybears designed and made by Susanne Kuhlmann."


Rosey Day Bears Rosey Day - Commercial Site
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Artist - Australia

language(s) : English

"One of Australia's foremost mini-bear artists, Rosey Day has been honoured by having six of her bears selected for the prestigious Korean Teddy Bear Museum."


Adner Bears Brenda Desroches - Commercial Site
Artist - Canada

language(s) : English

"Lovingly handcrafted, award winning teddy bears, from original designs, by Canadian teddy bear artist Brenda Desroches."


maplebears Edith Jones - personal home page
Artist - UK

language(s) : English

"Edith Jones is a West Country artist who specialises in making top quality bears. A majority of the bears are limited to one only so you can be sure your bear will be an individual."


Teddy Bear Mine (Ev)Evelyn Canham - Commercial Site
Artist - Canada

language(s) : English

"Original Miniature Artist Teddy Bears by Ev Canham. under 5 inches, hand-stitched, using mohair, alpaca and vintage fabrics, fully jointed, with little faces to tickle your heart. Pay Pal and Layaway"


Bev's Bears Beverely Dodd - Commercial Site
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Artist - USA

language(s) : English

"Unique limited edition Bears from 9 1/2 to 25 made of Mohair or Alpaca,designed and completely made by Bev Dodd"


Pedigrees Royal Lisa Pay - Commercial Site
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Artist - Australia

language(s) : English

"Amazing teddy bears, canine collectables and patterns by Toby Winner Lisa Pay. The ultimate bears and dolly bears made from the finest mohair with hand-sculpted mouths."


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